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We are planning the fall 2011 events to help Mtl and Quebec startups hire interns and new graduates


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Bridgecamp Université Laval (Québec) : January 28th 2010

Bridgecamp McGill (Montréal) : January 21st 2010


What is Bridgecamp ?


An unconference to bridge the gap between startups and students by telling students about the great opportunities in startups and helping startups in their recruitment.



Startups are often overlooked by students by simple lack of exposure, despite the great challenges, carreers and opportunities they provide. They also often struggle to find great talent to join their company as they have the double challenge of pitching their ideas but also pitching the work conditions of startups, who cannot always offer as much social advantage as multinational IT firms.




We have 2 goals



  • To offer a better opportunity for students to learn about startups, their opportunities and challenges
  • To help startups with their recruiting efforts


Local entrepreneurs rapidly present why they work in a startup environment. They will then present a real-world problem to solve or discuss to the students. Then students will be encouraged to discuss and present solutions to the entrepreneur's problems. Students will also be welcome to participate by presenting their own problems to solve or business ideas to validate to startup entrepreneurs. These events could happen several times a year in selected academic institutions (universities, college, CEGEP). Looking to get some feedback of interest from startup people about such events. Done 


We need your help !


We know we have a great concept, now we need some intros to academic institutions in the Montreal area to make this an official event.


If you have the right connections and are willing to help, contact us :  thebridgecamp (at) gmail.com


First planned event


Hopefully in January 2010 in Quebec City and Montreal

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