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BridgeCamp McGill Winter 2009

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EDIT : The Title is wrong, this iw winter 2010. A new page has bee created to rectify.


For our first BridgeCamp on the McGill campus on Jan 21st, we are very lucky to welcome Frédéric Lalonde, serial hacker/entrepreneur whose former company NewTrade Technologies was acquired by Expedia in 2002. He has accepted to come to talk to McGill students about startup culture, startup ideas and his current project, openplaces.org with two of his developers.


It's a great opportunity for any student to learn from and ask questions to someone who has done it successfully and who's trying to repeat it again.


The event is scheduled for 17h30 on Jan 21st and the local confirmation should follow in a matter of minutes.


Facebook Event Here


Some background info on Fred


Frederic Lalonde, Expedia veteran and a famous serial entrepreneur, Frederic is currently the founder and CEO ofOpenplaces.org, a travel start-up that aims to be the world's largest organized repository of maps, pictures, details and advice about every place in the world that anyone has ever travelled to. He started his career in the internet industry when heco-founded Newtrade Technologies Inc, a hugely successful start-up that was acquired by Expedia in 2002. Next, he moved to Expedia, one of the largest travel companies in the world, where he was Vice President of Hotel Supplier Strategy and was responsible for developing the Expedia Direct Connect technology product strategy, and for signing-up the major hotel chain partners (over 10,000 hotels) for Direct Connect. He later became Vice President of Hotels & Packages Product Planning inExpedia and played a key role in the company's acquisitions of Hotels.com, TripAdvisor and eLong.

(Source : MakeMyTrip.com)


More info on LinkedIn





What is Bridgecamp ?



An unconference to bridge the gap between startups and students by telling students about the great opportunities in startups and helping startups in their recruitment.



We have 2 goals


  • To offer a better opportunity for students to learn about startups, their opportunities and challenges

  • To help startups with their recruiting efforts


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